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CTIA LTD Model Terms & Conditions

Model Terms & Conditions
1. The Company means CTIA LTD, Head Office; 2 St Johns Street, Whithorn, DG8 8PE
2. These terms are applied to all appointments without exception.
3. A 2% charge applies to all credit card transactions.

Treatments are carried out by delegates at foundation or advanced level

1. A deposit (minimum £30) is required at the time of booking to confirm your appointment; this will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment.
2. The balance is due on the day of your treatment.

1. Seven days’ notice given = deposits refunded in full.
2. Two working days’ notice given = deposit transferred to another appointment.
3. Less than two working days’ notice = deposits retained by The Company.
4. Failure to attend appointment = deposits retained by The Company and the deposit is not transferrable.
5. Working days refer to Monday to Friday only.

1. Deposits will be transferred once only.
2. No refunds will be given should this second appointment be cancelled or you fail to attend. In this event, the deposit will be retained by The Company.

1. If products are ordered in for you specifically, and where we pay for our prescribers fees a larger deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a subsequent cancellation, regardless of whether seven days’ notice are given.
2. Deposits can be transferred to another appointment in line with our normal terms.
3. Deposits are non-refundable unless advanced notice is given as set out above.

1. A full medical history is required to enable your product to be ordered for you. We will not be held responsible for any omission or incorrect information given.

1. The Company may need to change your appointment. You will be given advanced notice of this and a suitable alternative appointment date and time will be offered.


Wrinkle Relaxer & Dermal Filler Appointments
1. Anyone booking a Wrinkle Relaxer and dermal filler appointment who decides on the day of the training course that they only want Wrinkle Relaxer will not be treated. They will instead be offered a “Wrinkle Relaxer only” appointment on the next available course. In this instance deposits are not transferrable as we advise on the day of booking you will be required to have both treatments. A further deposit is required to book this subsequent Wrinkle Relaxer only appointment.
2. Any model booking a combined appointment and asks for Wrinkle Relaxer to be treated without prior notice to us, will not be treated and will instead be offered a Wrinkle Relaxer only appointment on the next available courses. Further deposits are required to book these appointments. The deposit paid for the original appointment will be retained by The Company and will be transferred.

Smoker’s Lines
1. On a foundation course, we treat these lines directly and will not inject the outline of the lip to treat these. Lips are treated individually. If any model attends a foundation level Wrinkle Relaxer and Dermal Filler course expecting their lip or outline of their lip to be treated, they will be turned away for treatment unless they want another area treated (nose to mouth lines, mouth to chin lines). In this instance the despot will not be transferred and will be retained by The Company

Crow’s Feet
1. We do not inject under the eye with Wrinkle Relaxer on foundation level appointments. This indication is only treated on a Master Class Course. Other Master Class Courses for Dermal Filler include; Rhinoplasty, Cheeks, and Chin areas.