Affordable Intensive Course

Intensive Combination Injectables Course

This course offers those who already have an NVQ Level 3 Beauty or the other pre requisites and qualifications to allow them to embark onto this intensive combination program of study. The course previously known as the 5 day intensive course, has now its theory module as an intensive online unit of study following the Covid 19 ‘stay at home’. Learning the foundations (aka basic and advanced) of Botulinum Toxin (aka Botox) and Dermal Fillers injection techniques which will take approximately 5 days to complete’, and for members includes our First Aid and Managing Complications Day as part of this course. Here you will learn the safety aspects of injectables as well as reversing dermal fillers in an emergency via Hyaluronidase. We will require you to become a member of the CTIA for clinical oversight and prescription services which you will be allocated upon completing the course. Please see our website on membership benefits.

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Affordable intensive training

Duration - approx 5 days

Progression - Masterclass Cannula

Homestudy, Online learning, and Practical hands on

Insurance Accredited

Case Studies - 5

Course Information

Intensive 5 Day Injectables Training Course:

The CTIA’s most popular ‘Botox and Fillers Combination Course – Intensive Training’. This course was previously named the 5 day intensive course, but due to the Covid 19 requirements and the Government guidelines of ‘stay at home’ recommendations, we can now make available a more substantial training course where the theory unit is in an extended online presentation. This ticks the box of allowing our students to keep safe and not have the unnecessary time away from home. Practical elements will be taken at the academy in Warrington, or at your own venues depending on what you have arranged. We are quite proud of the new blended learning course as it absolutely secures your learning.

This course offers those who already have an NVQ Level 3 Beauty or the other pre requisites and qualifications to allow them to embark onto this intensive program of study which will take you approximately 5 days to complete. If you have not got the recommended pre requisites, we also have our exclusive ‘Access Course’ which will enable you to progress onto injectables. All courses are fully insurable.

Learning the foundations (basic and advanced) of Botulinum Toxin (aka) Botox and Dermal Fillers injection techniques over approximately ‘5 days’, includes the First Aid and Managing Complications Day as part of this course when you a become a member of the CTIA. This additional course is where you will learn the safety aspects of injectables as well as reversing dermal fillers in an emergency via Hyaluronidase. We will require you to become a member of the CTIA for clinical oversight and prescription services which you will be allocated upon completing the course. Please see our website on membership benefits.

Available to students who have either completed the CTIA’s Access Course, Acupuncturists, Beauty Therapists with Level 3 or equivalent, Body Piercers, Dentists, Dental Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacists, Phlebotomists, Semi Permanent Make-up Practitioners, Tattoo Artists. If your qualifications are not on this list, please contact us direct on 01925 242 814, as we may still be able to help you.

What you will learn on your course:

During our blended Intensive Combination Botox and Fillers Training’ it may look something like this… we will teach you:

Days 1 & 2 – Theory units for botulinum toxin and dermal fillers studied via our online intensive study platform. 

Days 3 – Wrinkle Relaxing Practical (aka Botox) to the areas below: Upper Forehead Lines – Frown Lines – Crows Feet (around eyes) – Bunny Lines – Smokers Lines – Chin (pebble chin) – Marionettes – and Male Pattern

Days 4 – Dermal Fillers Practical Foundations 1&2 – Lip border (Paris Lip) – Fine Lines & Deeper Wrinkles of the face – Marionette Lines – Nose to Mouth Lines – Smokers Lines, Lip Volume

Day 5 – First Aid/CPR – Managing Complications – Anaphylaxis Management – Hyaluronidase Mixing.

We are endeavouring to develop the Managing Complications and First Aid day for our online learning platform for Government Covid 19 guidelines. However for now it will be in Warrington.

NB: In addition to the above study, you will also be required to complete 2 research papers which are marked and graded. You will also be required to complete 5 case studies for each unit of study – this will be done in your own environment and on your first clients. There are 10 in total which will complete your learning. 

*Day order may differ from above


Full Membership is £29.95 per month.

1. As a Full CTIA Member and once you have completed your CTIA training course, you may apply for the CTIA’s discounted insurance scheme, with our insurance intermediary. This scheme is the most competitive in the industry.
2. We also provide you with – FREE Yearly first aid, Anaphylactic management and Managing complications day. Every year that you are a member of the CTIA. Saving you approx £650.
3. A Prescribing network and your own allocated prescriber for clinical oversight for you to do your face to face prescriptions – prescribers charge on average £30 per client.
4. Pharmacy partners who will work with you as a member of the CTIA.
5. Full support from us and our friendly team.
6. 5% discount on any further CTIA training.
7. Free refresher training during your case study period at Warrington.
8. Discounted products.
9. Industry updates as and when they happen.
10. CTIA members certificate.

Committed to Delivering Outstanding Training Courses

Our practical training courses are now held at our training academy in Sheffield.

The theory element of your learning is now all online, and complies with the recent Government recommendations. We we will teach you the essential aspects of aesthetic procedures from the very basics to the more advanced treatments, providing you the skills to make you the best practitioner in your location. We develop and nurture our learners and provide a comprehensive learning experience with blended learning, providing you with every element that you require to be successful within this aesthetic sector.

If you are completing your Injectables training with the CTIA, it is mandatory that you become part of the Cosmetic Treatments & Injectables Association, where the elements of safety are provided to our learners as part of the Associations package and benefits, which may include your *Injectables Insurance with our intermediaries at a not to be beaten price from £560 +IPT (*this is subject to acceptance), First aid for the Aesthetic Practitioner and Managing Complications, including Hyaluronidase for dissolving dermal filler. These courses are all online, and can be taken at your convenience in your own time one you become a member. It is essential that the CTIA and our tutors dedicate our teaching methods and concentrate on the safety aspect of any treatment that we offer training in. We are totally dedicated to promoting safety within the aesthetic sector and only offer high quality training courses, and courses which we deem to be safe rather than the latest injection technique fad or craze.

We are not the cheapest, and it most certainly wont be easy, as we want the best students out their injecting, but we offer the most, and with over 14 years of injectables training under our belt, we are unlike another training establishment within our sector... the CTIA created the Aesthetic Therapist.

Remember that at the end of that needle is a client, and we believe that the client should always come first for safety and best practice rather than profit, and that's what we aim to offer!

So what are you waiting for?


Join the 'Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Association'


Not just an Association, but a network of like minded professionals, who work with each other to help build up our sector.

As a CTIA Member you will have completed all or some of your Botox and Dermal Fillers training with us. We offer regulation to our members and give your clients peace of mind that you have had the best training and are equipped and trained in any case of an emergency relating to injectable treatments.

From 2021, for new and yearly renewals of your membership, you will be given access to our online learning courses covering First aid for the Aesthetic Practitioner, Managing Complications including Hyaluronidase, these are CPD courses and more importantly insurance endorsed. Insurance providers require these courses completed annually. You will also have access to our low cost insurance for CTIA members (subject to acceptance).

The CTIA has now rebranded, and on renewals we will be now able to offer you a discounted membership scheme from 2021, with certificated and CPD accredited courses for compliance and safety within injectables. Just get in touch when you're due to renew and we will organise this for you!

We work alongside numerous UK pharmacies where you can order your products and consumables for your treatments, working together to bring regulation, compliance and confidence into our sector.

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Course dates

Upcoming course dates; for courses with available places you can book by telephone or clicking the link below.

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What our students say about us...

I'm so happy to of picked this place to do my training!! Definitely worth the 5-hour drive!! Molly is just amazing! A lady that loves her job and it really shows in training. She has taught me to be an amazing practitioner and I couldn't thank her anymore.

Jocelyn Whybrow

I've been with the CTIA for 7 years and I have been trained in botulinum toxin, PRP, fillers and all the advanced techniques, believe me fillers and botulinum toxin have come a long way in that time. Molly is always on the end of the phone if you need to get in touch, I would recommend anyone thinking training in aesthetics or updating their skills to train with this amazing company.

Julia Garcia

Fantastic training at CTIA with all members of staff being so helpful and welcoming. Their knowledge of the industry is outstanding and post training they are available for contact at any time when you need them. Molly has been particularly helpful with myself and has promptly responded and answered any questions I have had - at any time of day! Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

Hannah Goldfinch

Molly is incredible I've learned more than I could have imagined and is there for constant support by far the best choice you could ever make for training or treatments. Also, so enjoyable cannot thank Molly & Brian enough for everything.

Lauren Baker

What can I say, if you want to train with the best then CTIA is the place for you. The practitioners are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Ill be back for a lot more. Thanks everyone

Melanie Lloyd

We require models for all of our training courses at our Training Academy in Sheffield. 

Contact: Emma Stalker

Office Tel: 01925 242 814


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