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The CTIA Specialise in Injectables Training, both Basic and Advanced Training Courses.

Recently the CTIA made the decision to do what we do best, Injectable Cosmetic Treatments! Therefore, we have streamlined our courses (removed the machines, got rid of the beauty) to offer what our students want and offer what we do best within the industry, and that’s injectables. All of the CTIA courses are Accredited by our Insurance intermediary, therefore you will be able to gain insurance and offer treatments once you have complete our courses. We offer CPD on most ‘online theory based’ courses.

We have teamed up with various sister companies to offer the beauty basics, but advanced injectables is what we specialise in and what we do best and since 2007 we have been offering course’s providing students with the deepest of understanding and knowledge, in both theory and practical skills.

Unlike other academies, we have decided not to offer the 4 – 7 certification schemes for injectable treatments for non-medics, and will only do so if they become fully regulated and accepted onto the JCCP register.

If you want to book onto any of the courses listed, please contact us on 01925 381138 or for any of the online courses which can be found on, call – 01925 501081 and we will set you off on a pathway to develop your career.


Teaching Aesthetics Since 2007

Welcome to the Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Academy, with our practical training is based in Cheshire. Here you will find the longest standing and one of the leading Cosmetic and Injectables Academies and Associations within the UK.
We believe that everyone should have a right to learn, to have a better life and earn a living to better themselves and their family? Right? And why not? That’s what we have offered their members since inception; progression and a brighter future with our insurance accredited teaching methods and courses that are available to you. All we ask from you is that you are passionate, dedicated and want to succeed in this sector and that you will always focus on client safety and their wellbeing whilst carrying out these treatments.

If this is you? Then get in touch, the ‘button below’ will take you to the most exciting career of your life!


Training Courses Provided for Non-Medics and Health Care Professionals Throughout the UK.

At the CTIA we specialise in Injectables and Aesthetic Training Courses. We do what we do best… teach!

Our tutors are experienced and qualified lecturers some with university qualifications in teaching (Cert Ed) – and that’s exactly as it should be! Why accept less when choosing our your academy and the tutors who are to teach you the most important treatments of your career?

Our courses lead the way in the aesthetic sector with bundles and packages to suit everyone who wants to embark in a career that is exciting and extremely profitable and dictates an earning potential beyond your wildest dreams. We teach both medics and non medics, and have International and UK based learners. We like to inspire, and develop our own products, treatments and systems such as BIOFIL, Plasma Blast, Lip Sync and True Science.

The CTIA Online has recently launched and found its own identity because of the popularity of the online courses. We have both stand alone courses for you or theory based learning to help facilitate the practical based and hands on learning. This will provide the learner with the opportunity to learn when they want and enable them to manage their time. Ideal for those busy students who have limited time on their hands. The online courses can be found on the link

So, if you are looking for a challenge, with the company that ‘in 2007 trained in aesthetics and help form an aesthetic sector for non medics’ by lobbying the Government and thus fighting for your place in this industry, and who have 17 years injectables experience within the injectables sector, then contact us now to embark onto the most satisfying and profitable career you will ever turn your hand too!

Contact us to discuss your future on – Practical Based Courses – 01925 381138

Online Learning – T: 01925 501081 or email


Committed to Delivering Outstanding Training Courses

The CTIA have now changed the way that we do our training...

The theory element of your aesthetic learning is now all online, and complies with the recent Government recommendations for COVID restrictions. Online learning will provide you with more knowledge than we currently can offer on a face to face theory module, therefore our courses are now greatly extended to what we offered before. We we will teach you the essential aspects of aesthetic procedures from the very basics to the more advanced treatments, providing you the skills to make you the best practitioner in your location. We develop and nurture our learners and provide a comprehensive learning experience with blended learning, providing you with every element that you require to be successful within this aesthetic sector.

If you are completing your Injectables training with the CTIA, if you want the enhanced safety aspect, and discounted insurance it is mandatory that you become part of the Cosmetic Treatments & Injectables Association, where the elements of safety are provided to our learners as part of the Associations package and benefits, which may (subject to acceptance) include your *Injectables Insurance with our intermediaries at a not to be beaten price from £560 +IPT, First aid for the Aesthetic Practitioner and Managing Complications, including Hyaluronidase for dissolving dermal filler. These courses are all online, and can be taken at your convenience in your own time one you become a member. It is essential that the CTIA and our tutors dedicate our teaching methods and concentrate on the safety aspect of any treatment that we offer training in. We are totally dedicated to promoting safety within the aesthetic sector and only offer high quality training courses, and courses which we deem to be safe rather than the latest injection technique fad or craze.

We are not the cheapest, and it most certainly wont be easy, as we want the best students out their injecting, but we offer the most, and with over 14 years of injectables training under our belt where in the early days started as an aesthetic clinic and began training our own staff in injectable treatments, to then expanding to become one of the largest aesthetic training companies within the UK. Unlike another training establishment within our sector... the CTIA created the Aesthetic Therapist, and fought for you to be in this sector.

Remember that at the end of that needle is a client, and we believe that the client should always come first for safety and best practice rather than profit, and that's what we aim to offer!

So what are you waiting for? Call our team on 01925 381138


Join the 'Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Association'


Not just an Association, but a network of like minded professionals, who work with each other to help build up our sector.

As a CTIA Association Member you will have completed all or some of your Botox and Dermal Fillers training with us. We offer regulation to our members and give your clients peace of mind that you have had the best training and are equipped and trained in any case of an emergency relating to injectable treatments.

From 2021, for new and yearly renewals of your membership, you will be given access to our online learning courses covering First aid for the Aesthetic Practitioner, Managing Complications including Hyaluronidase, these are CPD courses and more importantly insurance endorsed. Insurance providers require these courses completed annually. You will also have access to our low cost insurance for CTIA members (subject to acceptance).

The CTIA has now rebranded, and on renewals we will be now able to offer you a discounted membership scheme from 2021, with certificated and CPD accredited courses for compliance and safety within injectables. Just get in touch when you're due to renew and we will organise this for you!

We work alongside numerous UK pharmacies where you can order your products and consumables for your treatments, working together to bring regulation, compliance and confidence into our sector.

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Mobile: 07387 645675 (text only)

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Upcoming course dates; for courses with available places you can book by telephone or clicking the link below.

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What our students say about us...

I'm so happy to of picked this place to do my training!! Definitely worth the 5-hour drive!! Molly is just amazing! A lady that loves her job and it really shows in training. She has taught me to be an amazing practitioner and I couldn't thank her anymore.

Jocelyn Whybrow

I've been with the CTIA for 7 years and I have been trained in botulinum toxin, PRP, fillers and all the advanced techniques, believe me fillers and botulinum toxin have come a long way in that time. Molly is always on the end of the phone if you need to get in touch, I would recommend anyone thinking training in aesthetics or updating their skills to train with this amazing company.

Julia Garcia

Fantastic training at CTIA with all members of staff being so helpful and welcoming. Their knowledge of the industry is outstanding and post training they are available for contact at any time when you need them. Molly has been particularly helpful with myself and has promptly responded and answered any questions I have had - at any time of day! Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

Hannah Goldfinch

Molly is incredible I've learned more than I could have imagined and is there for constant support by far the best choice you could ever make for training or treatments. Also, so enjoyable cannot thank Molly & Brian enough for everything.

Lauren Baker

What can I say, if you want to train with the best then CTIA is the place for you. The practitioners are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Ill be back for a lot more. Thanks everyone

Melanie Lloyd

We require Models for all of our Training Courses at our Training Academies.

The CTIA Team

Head Office (practical based learning):  01925 381138
CTIA Online Course Enquiries:  01988 501 081

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