Anyone who has had any dealings with the CTIA knows how hard we push for the highest standards. We know there are a lot of questions about the standards within the beauty industry, which is why we have always pushed back by delivering training that exceeds expectations.

Founder Molly has always wanted to ensure that medics and non-medics can both be trained to offer advanced aesthetics treatments and has tailored her courses accordingly. However, it has been a struggle to have non-medical aesthetics practitioners to be recognised as professionals throughout the industry.

That is why we are delighted that a brand new pathway has been launched by IQ Verify to take therapists from Level 4 to Level 7. This internationally recognised qualification is a much needed boost to the aesthetics industry and we can’t wait to offer this qualification to our students.

If you think this might be for you, let us know now by calling 01925 242814.

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