Whatever field you work in, you want to be thought of as a professional, but being professional is about more than your attitude, it also encompasses your training and who represents you.

The Cosmetic Treatments & Injectables Association (CTIA) has been representing professionals in the aesthetics industry for 10 years, ensuring that the highest standards are always maintained. We are a not for profit association that was created to protect therapists and the public alike and ensure that aesthetic practitioners are properly and thoroughly trained.

What We Ask Of You

As an association, we represent both medics and non-medics, and we aim to be ethical and transparent at all times. This means that we have certain expectations of our members in order for us to do this. That is why we ask that all CTIA members abide by a strict code of conduct. This includes ensuring that you have full insurance in place for the treatments that you are trained to perform.
To ensure that you are properly trained, we require CTIA members to have been trained by the CTIA, and to have completed at least 10 supporting case studies. Most importantly, we want to make sure that your goal is to produce safe treatments at all times in order to protect your clients.

CTIA Membership

When you become a full member of the CTIA, you can experience a whole host of benefits to support you and your business. This includes free training in basic life support/CPR and anaphylactic management as well as a free Managing Complications module inclusive of Hyaluronidase training and safe dilution methods.

We want you to grow as a practitioner and so we offer continuous professional development. You will be allocated a ‘Prescribing Partner’ and access to two UK pharmacies. Being part of the CTIA means being part of a network of like-minded professionals and access to help, guidance and support at any time.

Having suitable insurance is vital, and the CTIA offer the cheapest cover in the UK for injectables treatments. There are also up-to-date training courses and 5% off any further CTIA training that you undertake.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today on 01925 242 814 to find out more about becoming a member.

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