More and more of us want to be ethically minded with the products we use, but increasing technological innovation often means there are more things being added to products that we either don’t like or understand. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to offer and advanced cosmetic treatment that was completely natural?

The only way a client can have complete faith in where the product ingredients you use come from is if it comes from themselves. It sounds far-fetched but it is actually the future of the aesthetics industry.


BIOFIL is a dermal filler with a difference, as it uses the clients own blood plasma. They can relax safe in the knowledge that they are using something that is cruelty-free and totally natural, without having to compromise on the results that they can enjoy.

Vegans have long felt left out of the aesthetics movement due to the types of ingredients that are used. BIOFIL is set to be a revolution in beauty as it promises an ethical treatment with no risk of allergic reaction. That makes it a treatment that every aesthetics clinic is desperate to offer as it opens these treatments up to a whole new audience.

Training in BIOFIL is available to those already trained to administer Dermal Fillers, so give us a call on 01925 242814 to book your place on our next course.

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