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We require models for training in all of the courses that we offer at our beautiful training venue in Warrington. Prices are always well below 70% of the typical treatment cost. If you would like to be a model, please complete a registration form and indicate what treatments or areas that you would be interested in having.

Model Costs for Training:

Botulinum toxin:
£100      3 Areas Botulinum toxin: (includes any 3 upper and FREE lower face areas)

£150    Hyperhidrosis: (underarm sweating)

Dermal Fillers:
£100    (1 x 1ml – global product)

Hyaluronidase: (removal of Dermal Fillers)

£50    (removal)

Dental Block:



Additional Services:


£50       Reduction of excess skin and skin tightening treatment on all areas of the face.


£100     A revolutionary treatment, that uses your own Plasma (taken from your blood) to converted to a gel to inject back into the skin as a dermal filler.


(Platelet Rich Plasma)

£90      Mytox® PRP

£250    Mytoxin Plasmo Lifting (Combination – PRP & PDO Threads)

Sclerotherapy: (for the removal of thread veins on legs)

£25      (per 2.5ml syringe)

Chemical and AHA Peels:

£10      Micro Peels

£30     TCA and Advanced Peeling


£70      With nano infusions/serums

Collagen Induction Therapy (Derma Rollering):

£15      Derma Rollering/Derma Pen

£25      Derma Rollering/Derma Pen with serums

Alternatively, please email us: info@ctia.co.uk

or call us: 01988 501082