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The Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Association is a ‘not for profit’, association set up for the welfare of the public and members alike. We are open to all professionals who deliver aesthetic and cosmetic treatments and who wish to be represented by an ethical, transparent association.

We welcome all aesthetic professionals with similar goals for the industry whether medical or non-medical practitioners.

We ask in return that you abide by our code of conduct and hold a current CTIA membership and insurance for the treatments that you are trained to carryout, for the safety of the public and your clients.

We have 3 types of Memberships:

  1. Student Membership – Students membership is for those who have trained with us the CTIA. Their training membership and course fees give them access to all of the benefits that our membership brings as below.
  2. Associated Members – This membership is for members who have trained with another training school but who want to have the CTIA benefits of yearly CPD, First Aid, CPR/Anaphylaxis and keep their skills updated with workshops and refresher days that we hold. A CTIA Associate Member also benefits to our exclusive ‘Low Cost’ insurance package with insurance from as low as £540 for injectable treatments.
  3. Group/Salon Membership – for 4 or more salon/clinic employee’s. There is a discount of 30% of the normal collective monthly membership fee.
  4. Prescribers Membership –  This is a free membership for our CTIA prescribers to enable them to gain discounted insurance for treatments and for prescribing to our CTIA members, whether medics or aesthetic practitioners.

All membership is payable prior to booking any training courses or insurance with us.

Member benefits include (but are not exhaustive):

  • Free basic life support/CPR and anaphylactic management training
  • Managing Complications module inclusive of Hyaluronidase training and safe dilution methods
  • Continuous professional development
  • Prescribing partner for clinical over-site and compliance for prescription only medicines
  • Clinical Oversight with our prescribing partners
  • Injectables treatment Insurance from £570 for ALL practitioners whether medics or aesthetic practitioners, with one of the most respected insurance providers within the UK
  • Access to 2 UK pharmacies who will deal with your product queries and ordering
  • Online shop – (coming soon) to provide you with direct access to dermal fillers and consumables
  • A networking group of like minded practitioners
  • Up-to-date training courses, and soon, new qualifications leading to 2018 for the new HEE framework
  • Help and guidance throughout

To become a member of the CTIA, contact us via email or on 01988 501 082.

*Cancellation or non payment of CTIA membership forfeits all members benefits including insurance cover.