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CTIA LTD Terms & Conditions for Students

CTIA LTD Terms & Conditions
1. Definitions “The Company” – Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Academy (CTIA Ltd). “Course” – An Aesthetic Training Course provided by The Company. “You” – The person or associated business booking the Course(s). “Booking” – Any Course booking completed in person, online, via telephone or email by You. “Model” – A patient attending a Course for an aesthetic treatment. “Member” – A Cosmetic Treatment and Injectables Association paying Member with Member Benefits.  “The Company “CTIA” – The Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Association.

2. Bookings

2.1 All Course Bookings with The Company are subject to acceptance of The Company’s Booking Terms and Conditions, which do not affect your statutory rights.

2.2 By Booking a Course You are deemed to have entered into a specific date contract with The Company.

2.3 Commencement of the service is deemed to have been accepted by You as soon as You are granted access to the Company’s learning materials, and homestudy and/or You receive email confirmation of your Booking.

2.4 The Aesthetic Industry is currently unregulated within the UK. Like many authorised training providers, our curriculum has been assessed and approved by our cosmetic indemnity providers who provide recognition and authorisation of indemnity. With this status being held, The Company can not be held responsible if:

a. Any guideline change regarding injectables and regulation or UK law.

b. There are further requirements for future qualifications, which are not currently met by The Company’s training structure.

3. Dates and Locations

3.1 The Company reserves the right to cancel or amend any Course date or location. In this instance You will be notified immediately and provided with alternative Course details or given a full refund.

4. Insurance

4.1 You are covered by The Company’s insurance policy during all Courses. The Company’s indemnity insurance is provided by BGI and Lonsdale. Upon successful completion of any Course, You are required to hold your own indemnity insurance against malpractice. We ask that you gain insurance prior to any training course, so you can practice immediately after the course to complete case studies.

5. Certificate of Completion

5.1 A certificate of completion/competency will only be issued to You by The Company upon successful completion of the Course. This includes completed research study, tasks and practical on your training days.

5.2 Attendance of a Course does not guarantee successful completion and the Company will only release practitioners into the industry who have demonstrated their ability to carry out aesthetic treatments safely under the supervision of its trainers.

5.3 In the rare event that You do not demonstrate competence, The Company will provide a further session of one-to-one supervised practice. This is free of charge for the first 3 months and whilst you are undertaking case studies. An additional fee will apply thereafter. This will provide You with a further opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the application of any Course subject not successfully completed. You must supply all of your own Models for this additional session.

6. Post-Training Support

6.1 The Company will provide continuing support and advice to You upon successful completion of any Course. Telephone and e-mail advice is offered at no charge.

6.2 Face-to-face mentorship is offered to You upon successfully completion of any Course at the current subsidised hourly rate (available on request).

7. Training Models

7.1 The Company will endeavour to provide Models for most of the treatments during Courses at our training centre unless anything prior has been arranged. You are more than welcome to bring your own Models by giving the CTIA prior notice. If You wish to bring your own Model You must inform The Company at the time of booking. Model appointments are in high demand and The Company does not guarantee the availability of a suitable appointment.

7.2 You are required to provide models for treatment for some of our Courses. If this is the case, You will be informed of this requirement at the time of booking. Training outside of the CTIA training venue ie; in your own salon or clinic in house training, you will be required to provide your own models. Depending upon treatment, your model will incur a charge to cover any costs. Model times and numbers required will be emailed to you prior your training course.

7.3 If the required amount of models, needed to complete your course to an acceptable level are not provided by You, the CTIA will not be held responsible. We suggest that a £30 deposit is taken by You upon booking in models at your salon for your training to ensure that they turn up. Failure to meet the acceptable ‘model amounts’ or to meet the required acceptance level on training, will require you to complete extra training at a cost to you of a daily rate as well as hotel and travel costs at the going rate.

7.4 In most cases, Models are required to meet the cost of the products used at the current Model rate (available on request and on our website). A booking deposit is however payable by the Model at the time of booking the appointment of £30.

7.5 You must seek permission from the trainer and the model before taking any photographs or videos during any of The Companies training courses. Any photographs or videos taken on The Companies training courses are solely for your own personal use and must not be published or shared with anyone unless it is stated they are from The Companies training courses. If they are posted on any social media, the CTIA must be mentioned.

7.6 Before and after photographs taken for the purposes of your training portfolio remain the property of The Company and are only for use as part of your training records. These images are not available to delegates to use in their own professional portfolios or on their social media/web pages unless permission has been granted by The Company and they are endorsed by us prior to use.

8. Course Fees & Payment Plans

8.1 All Course fees must be paid in full or a payment plan agreed at the time of booking. Access to learning materials or research tasks will be provided upon receipt of a specified minimum deposit agreed with You by The Company at the time of Booking.

8.2 Course fees must be paid in full at one week prior to attending any Course. If payment is not received, the Course Booking is deemed to have been cancelled. In these circumstances, no transfer or re-scheduling of the Course is allowed and no refund will be made of any part of the course fee unless made by prior arrangement.

9. Course Date Transfers

9.1 Requests by You to transfer any Course within fifteen working days of the Course date will not be considered by The Company under any circumstances.

9.2 If You request a transfer of any scheduled Course giving more than fifteen working days’ notice, The Company reserves the right to transfer your booking to a midweek Course. In this case You will be required to provide all Models for the Course.

10. Expenses

10.1 The Company is not liable for any loss of earnings or travel expenses incurred by You or any Model.

11. Course Cancellations

11.2 Notification of any cancellation must be made in writing by You to The Company’s Warrington office or via email to info@ctia.co.uk.

11.3 Cancellation twelve or more weeks before the Course will incur an administration fee of £300.

11.4 Cancellation eight to twelve weeks before the Course will incur a cancellation fee of £500, or 50% of the total Course fee, whichever is the greater.

11.5 No refund will be made for any cancellation made less than eight weeks prior to the Course.

11.6 No cancellations, refunds or transfers are applicable, under any circumstances, for any discounted Course fee.

12. Non Attendance

12.1 If You fail to attend the scheduled Course for any reason, no part of the Course fee will be refunded or is transferable to another Course date.

13. CTIA Association – Member Requirements and Respect Clause

13.1 We require all Members and Staff of The Company ‘CTIA’ to be respectful at all times to other Members and other Staff of The Company ‘CTIA’ and its Sister Companies (insurance, pharmacy and prescribing network).

13.2  Where lack of respect or where any derogatory information or comments are shown or have been said on social media about The Company ‘CTIA’, or by person by that Member, to any other of The Company ‘CTIA’ Members or to The Company ‘CTIA’ Staff or Sister Companies and it comes to the attention of The Company ‘CTIA’, and after investigation the Member is proven to be in breach of these terms and conditions; The Company ‘CTIA’ will look at their actions as a direct act to cancel their CTIA Members Membership alongside all Membership Benefits. This will include the cancellation of the CTIA prescribers facility, CTIA pharmacy and The Company ‘CTIA’s discounted insurance scheme, and further discounted courses (this list is NOT exhaustive).

13.3  The Company ‘CTIA’, will not tolerate any disrespectful or slanderous or liable comments, whether in person to The Company ‘CTIA’ or its Members by one Member to another, and The Company ‘CTIA’ will not tolerate any disrespectful or slanderous, or liable comments or aggressive behaviour and comments or threatening behaviour and comments, whether in person or via other means in respect of The Company ‘CTIA’ such as: Facebook, Instagram, Text messaging, Emails, Twitter etc, (this list is NOT exhaustive).

13.4  The Company ‘CTIA’ will not tolerate any swearing either personally to any member of their Staff or to any other Member with the intent to be disrespectful, threatening, aggressive or liable or slanderous, under any circumstances, whether on; any social media platform or via email or text messages under any circumstances and The Company ‘CTIA’ will pursue this breech as a direct act to cancel that Members Membership.

13.4  Once removed from The Company ‘CTIA’ membership scheme, the Member will be unable to re-join in any circumstances. The Company ‘CTIA’ will write to the Member in question after investigation with an explanation of The Company ‘CTIA’ intent to remove the Member and The Company ‘CTIA’ will offer you an explanation of why the decision was made.